The general terms and conditions of business are prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), based on the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and international codes for e-business.

The online store is managed by the company Aleš Drobnič, s.p.

Upon registration on the website, the visitor can obtain a user name that is identical to the address of his e-mail, and a password. The user name and password of the user unambiguously determine and connect to the entered data.

The general terms and conditions of business deal with the operation of the online store, the rights of the user and the business relationship between the provider and the buyer.


Orders are accepted:

1) in the internet store

Legal entities must provide the following information when purchasing: company name, exact address for delivery, tax number, registration number, contact name and phone number.

When you click on the “complete purchase” button, we accept your order and inform you about this by email at the address you provided when registering.

All prices are in EUR. Since we are not liable for VAT, all prices are listed excluding VAT. VAT is not charged in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 94 of the ZDDV-1. Prices are guaranteed for day orders and can be changed daily.

We give you three types of payment – choose the desired payment method in one of the steps of online shopping.

1) Payment by transfer to the company’s current account
Payment by transfer means that you make a purchase on the company’s current account before receiving goods. In this way, you avoid the payment of the Posta Slovenije fee (from 0,96 to 5,01 EUR), which you would pay when selecting the payment on delivery. You can make a payment based on pre-selection of the above option and on the basis of received payment information to your email address. Goods will be sent after receiving cash to the current account of the company you will receive the invoice together with the shipment. When making a payment for a reference number, please state the order number.

2) Payment through PayPal

Payment via PayPal means that you are settling a payment on the TARLIN PayPal account of Simona Dijak s.p. before receiving the goods. In this way, you avoid the payment of the Posta Slovenije fee (from 0,96 to 5,01 EUR), which you would pay when selecting the payment on delivery. Payment can be made on the basis of pre-selection of this option. Goods will be sent after receiving cash on the PayPal account of the company, you will receive the invoice together with the shipment.


The delivery time for each order starts at 11:00 on the next business day.
Trade will begin the implementation of the activities necessary for realization on this hour.

Delivery mode and delivery time

We send goods through the company Pošta Slovenije. All products that are in stock are shipped in 2-7 business days after receiving your order (or remittance to our account). On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays we do not carry goods. In the case of special requests, we ask you to enter them under the notes. If you are not home at the time of delivery, the letterman will send you a notification of the arrived package. At the mail you will be waiting 15 days for the package, after 15 days, the shipment returns to our address.


Delivery of goods to Slovenia will be sent and charged on the Pošta Slovenije price list.

Please note that Pošta Slovenije and banks generally charge users for each payment a fee according to their price list. These costs are not included in the prices of products and services of trade

For the amount of commission on payment according to the pro forma invoice, please contact the bank where you make the payment.

Delivery outside Slovenia will be charged according to the valid price list of the international traffic of Pošta Slovenije. We only ship shipment abroad after pre-payment of the purchase price and shipping costs to the company’s current account. The contracting authority is responsible for arranging and payment of any customs duties.

How can I return a product?

1. Hat, cap or garment must be in a clean and unused state
exchange or refund.
4. Return the product to the same BAG or a box of similar size as you received it. To recover stroke
5. For easier and faster handling of the refund or withdraw from the contract, please attach
completed return form and, if desired, a brief explanation of why you are returning the product.
6. Also attach a (copy) invoice for goods.
7. Write down whether or not you want to replace the item (you can only choose between those we have on
stock) or a refund. In case you want to replace the item for a more expensive item, you will
the difference in price should be added.
8. If you want a refund, we will refund you the amount of item value, but not also
9. Return the product to the business address (the shipping costs are borne by the sender).
10. We do not accept shipment with ransom.

Detailed explanations and legal basis
If you want to cancel your order for any reason, you can send this in writing to our address or e-mail in fourteen days, without having to do so